A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Duck & Cover is a test of your planning and reflexes.

Contains hazardous falling rocks, battleaxes to defend yourself with, cover to setup and hide behind, and ducks.

There are no space cats. But there are ducks, and the ducks squeak!

Currently Oculus Rift and Quest only, will eventually switch to OpenXR.

Install to Quest using the included ADB scripts or Sidequest. Requires developer mode to be enabled.

Use the grab button to pick up objects. Use the trigger or face button to interact with menus. There is a main menu and hand menu.

If you are having trouble picking up an object, try moving your hand around it in different positions and/or move your hand closer.

Nearly all objects, except flying rocks and background objects, can be grabbed.

Physics objects that are lost currently cannot be retrieved.

Right thumbstick rotates the view in 90 degree increments.

Known Issues:
UI lacks polish. Quest 1 might exhibit frame drops under certain conditions. Does not support OpenXR yet.

Update Notes:

build30: Ported to UE 4.27, added terrain texture blending to reduce tiling artifacts.

questbuild20: Ported to UE 4.27.

Install instructions

Windows, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest. SteamVR untested and status unknown.

Oculus Quest requires ADB or Sidequest, and Developer Mode enabled on the device. If you have issues with Sidequest, please use the included ADB scripts.


OLD-VERSION-EpicMegajam-InputEaterCreations_DuckAndCover.zip 247 MB
build29ship.zip 223 MB
quest-build19ship.zip 131 MB
build30ship.zip 311 MB
quest-build20ship.zip 124 MB
Credits.txt 1 kB


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An updated version to make the game much more playable is coming soon! (When it's allowed to be posted after Epic Megajam judging/voting.)